My name is Jennifer Mravich, welcome to my blog. I hope it motivates and inspires you to embrace fitness, get outdoors, and live a healthier lifestyle. 

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If my dog can lose 15 pounds so can you.

If my dog can lose 15 pounds so can you.



Yes, I am THAT person who takes professional photos of their dog. There's no question about it, I love her. How much do you care about your pets well-being?  They say your pets health mimics your own. If your dog doesn't exercise chances are you don't either. If you do and never take your pet for a walk, running, or hiking then shame on you! You might want to reconsider owning a pet.

Molli is almost 7, about a year and a half ago she was 15 pounds heavier.  Why? I didn't know the first thing about how much to feed her, what not to feed her, and how often she needed to be exercised.  I quit feeding her table scraps, increased her exercise, and controlled her portions.  The result?  A healthier, happier, and fit 7 year old lab who can outrun me.

The same can be applied to your lifestyle. If you are having trouble losing weight, have you taken a long (honest) look at what you're currently eating?  Chances are you may think you're doing enough but you aren't.  

Here are some tips to evaluate where there's room for improvement:

  • Track everything, and I mean everything, you eat and drink for a week.  It can be as simple as your morning coffee loaded with cream and sugar that's stopping you from losing.
  • If you don't exercise...START! Enough said on this one.
  • If you do exercise, kick it up a notch.  Run a few extra miles a week.  Do cardio 3x weekly instead of 2x.  Try HIIT training, Pinterest has a variety of examples.
  • Incorporate weight training.
  • Don't starve yourself!  Not eating enough calories can actually slow your metabolism down and your body will hold on to everything.

Try these tips and stay consistent - you will lose weight.  Commit and give it at least a few months.  

Lastly, if you need motivation and are a dog owner go outside, get some sunshine, put your favorite song on repeat, and run free.  Your body and beloved pet will thank you.

Get in shape or make excuses.  You can't have both.

Get in shape or make excuses. You can't have both.