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Live or exist - the choice is yours.

When you're 90 years old and the end of life is near, would you rather reflect back and say, "I lived" or "I was afraid" and "I regret _____"? Fill in the blank. I'm assuming most would choose the first option.

Sure it's easy to get stuck in a daily routine but that's no excuse. If you want something bad enough, you fight for it, you work for it, and no matter what it takes you go after it full speed ahead. Accomplishing your fitness goals is no different than giving it your all for the career of your dreams, your relationship, or being the best parent you can possibly be. Life is all about choices - make sure they lead to healthy and positive lifestyle changes! Sometimes fear can drive your actions with the little voice inside your head saying, "I can't do that!" "I'm too out of shape, too old, too tired or too busy."

Stop. Nothing in this world causes more failures than our own thoughts. 

It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

I haven't blogged for awhile well...because I've been doing this thing you call living.  Our society consists of the phone to face concept where you're walking down the street "phone to face" sitting at lunch "phone to face" hanging out with a group of people and there you have it "phone to face" in a circle.  You get the point. This "P2F" lifestyle is something that has become second nature to everyone, not just the usual culprits who get blamed for modern societal trends - us millennials. 

For some time now I've become quite blasé and in need of a new challenge. My personality requires mental stimulation and experiences that on a certain level scare the $*@* out of me. Whether it be mental or physical this taste of fear is exactly what I long for. One my favorite hobbies is scuba diving and since I happen to be land locked I turned to the other extreme. I took advantage of my current altitude and decided to climb mountains. There are 58 of these majestic peaks in Colorado us locals refer to as "14ers". For a month I immersed myself in nature as much as my schedule would allow, removed my P2F position, and redirected my energy toward something a tad more inspiring.